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Mission Statement:
Liquid Fetish aims to showcase a new industry standard in Ink and professionalism. LF is home to a collective of award-winning artists specializing in various styles, committed to giving 110%. Every tattoo is approached as a work of art and every customer is treated with utmost respect and appreciation for having chosen us. From the unparalleled approach we take towards treating our clients, to the World-Class quality in Ink, there’s no question as to why our clients leave feeling satisfied with every aspect of their experience.

Brief History:
Liquid Fetish was established in 2012 and rapidly grew into a multifaceted Tattoo and Art Lifestyle company with a large art Gallery and venue and 3 Fresno tattoo locations. Liquid Fetish has been featured as Fresno’s number one shop and recipient of the prestigious Congressional Certificate of Recognition. After over a decade of success it has settled back into the one flagship location with a focus on quality over quantity. Owner and founder Sumii has been tattooing professionally for 10+ yrs, specializing in Black and Grey Realism and Portraiture. Sumii has been featured in several tattoo publications in addition to winning many awards at tattoo expos across the US.
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Black and Grey Realism and Portraiture

Japanese Traditional, Black and Grey Realism, and Polynesian Tribal

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Neo-Traditional and Illustrative

Tattoo Submission FormIn efforts to ensure that I’m fully invested and creatively motivated, I’ll be both limited and selective with what I take on. I will ONLY be accepting Black & Grey Portraits (Both animal and people), Outdoor Landscapes, and large scale themed projects where I’m granted creative control.. In the event I pass on any idea, I’ll provide a referral to the best artist fit for that style and tattoo design.RatesFull Day Booking: $1000 - Includes consulting, designing, and tattooing (no time limit). Up to 5hrs of needle time
Half Day Booking: $700 - Includes consulting, designing, and tattooing (no time limit). Up to 3.5 hrs of needle time
Hourly: $180/hr - hourly charge will only be available when applicable
Portraits: $700/minimum - Most will remain at the minimum price. Those larger in size or with extra detail that run longer than 4hrs will be charged the hourly rate for any additional time after 4hrs
DepositsDeposits will not be required to secure a date for accepted submissions, but a $300/NON REFUNDABLE deposit will be required 3 days before the appointment when you are contacted to confirm your appt. The $300 will apply to the upcoming appointment as credit.AvailabilityThis new structure is designed to avoid booking out a year or further and aim to have booking availability closer to 6 months. All project continuation appts available within 4 weeks (or longer if the client prefers).FAQ’sWhat if what I want is small or under the half day timeframe, can I pay hourly? No sorry, there are only full or half day rate options, so if it takes 2hrs, you will pay the half day rate. Similarly, if you book a Full or Half day, and your tattoo takes less than 5 or 3.5 hours to complete - or if you decide to cut it short - you will still pay that same rate. The same applies to portraits that are completed in less than 4 hrs - the $700/portrait minimum will be the price.If we are working on a large project that requires multiple appointments, can I choose to book shorter duration continuation appts? Yes, after the initial Full Day appointment to start a large project, you will have the option to book either full or half day continuation appointments. How long can I expect it to take for a response? Please allow 1- 2 weeks for a response. If you don’t get a response within 2 weeks, please re-submit.Thank you for your consideration! if you’ve read, understand, and agree to the terms - let’s get started! Fill out the form and submit today!


We are located in Downtown Fresno

1416 Broadway St # B
Fresno, CA 93721